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What were your thoughts in attending our 50th reunion?
2 50th reunion
07/03/16 07:39 PM by Linda Wellman Mathisen
Thoughts about self-awareness, lessons learned, personal growth, or philosophy.
3 The Lies I Have Told, Allen Johnson
10/12/13 07:51 PM by Karen Thonney Sippert
Add a favorite memory from before, during, or after high school. Anything is fair: a first girlfriend or boyfriend, sports, college, military, wedding, kids, grandkids.
5 RE: -And it only Took Half a Century
12/27/14 06:12 PM by Candy Gregson Curtis
Here classmates can offer the rules that have worked for them throughout their lives.
2 My 21 Rules to Live By
08/17/12 02:09 PM by Allen Johnson